Easy to do Workout Routine to get rid of Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)

Of the 30 million Americans who suffer from low back pain, only about 10% of the cases are caused by conditions that require surgery, such as pinched nerves or a slipped disk.

For the overwhelming majority of back pain sufferers, the culprit is tight, inflamed muscles.

Here are a few stretches for lower back pain that may help handle your back pain on a daily basis.

Forward bend

– adopt the position as above
– gently let both hands drop down to the ground as you think about tipping your bottom up and your hips back
– don’t lock your knees – let them bend slightly to take the pressure off your hamstrings
– keep the weight back in your heels
– if you can’t touch the ground, place your palms on your shins
– let your head hang down naturally, allowing the weight of the skull to extend the stretch in the spin
– when you are at the lowest position, pull your hips back and up
– hold for 20-30 seconds
– come back up to standing very slowly, thinking about stacking each vertebrae of your spine like a string of beads

Knee to chest stretch for lower back pain

– keep neck and shoulders relaxed as you pull your knee into your chest.
– press the other knee down
– contract abdominals and press back into mat

Back extension with adductors

– lie on the floor on your stomach
– flex your feet at the ankles and press your legs together, keeping a slight bend in the knees
– press your pelvis, hips and knees into the ground
– lift your elbows off the floor so your forearms and hands are raised a few inches
– think about pulling your shoulders back and down, imagining that you are tucking your shoulder blades into your back pockets
– lift your chest and keep your neck straight, looking straight ahead
– hold for 20-30 seconds before lowering back down slowly and gently

Credits: Expertrain

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