Homemade Lozenges To Get Rid Of Sore Throat Without Medicines

If you caught a cold and you have a sore throat, I have the perfect solution for you and your child: homemade candies for a nasty and painful sore throat.

You can easily prepare them at home, giving you an instant relief from a painful sore throat. The great thing is that these homemade candies are as effective as those found in pharmacies.

First of all, you have to prepare your ingredients.

You will need:

  • water
  • sugar
  • honey
  • 1 or 2 lemons
  • half a teaspoon of grated ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of cloves powder

In a medium-sized saucepan, put 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Then add a little water, about half a cup, and boil the mixture at low heat until the sugar melts. Then, as the sugar begins to melt, add the juice of 2 lemons, the grated ginger and 1 teaspoon of cloves powder. Mix the ingredients well, and when the sugar melts completely, take the pot from the fire. When the liquid has cooled, add 2 tablespoons of honey and stir well. Finally, your mixture should have a slightly thicker consistency than a syrup.

Put baking paper on a tray, and with a teaspoon, put the syrup creating small and not-so-round candies. But this doesn’t matter. Now let it cool for 1-2 hours until they will solidify!

Done! The sore throat relief candies are ready! Your kid will enjoy the taste of these homemade candies and will get rid of sore throat immediately.

Image Credits: Food-hacks.wonderhowto

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