Is Vicks On Feet Good To Stop Nagging Cough?

Coughing is inevitable during the cold season. Since the first cold waves hit the environment, every member of my family caught the seasonal common cold. As cough is the most annoying common cold symptom, only imagine the struggle they’ve been thorough. It seems that they had an upper respiratory virus which kept them up for two nights in a row. None of us closed one eye. During the day these “common colders” as I called them, couldn’t speak more than three words without coughing.

Fortunately, I remembered how grandma used to take care of my brother and I when we were sick. More precisely, I can’t forget that camphor smell which often I associate it with disease and headaches. Vicks Vaporub is the number one cold and flu killer that successfully puts you back on your feet within 24 hours.

What is a cough, exactly?

A cough is actually very functional—it’s a natural reflex that helps protect your lungs, clearing them of irritants like smoke and mucus. But it can also be associated with a cold or flu virus. A cough can either be dry or chesty, and either productive (one that produces mucus) or nonproductive (one that does not produce mucus). Chesty coughs are usually productive while dry coughs are usually unproductive.

How do you use Vicks for nagging cough?

Vicks VapoRub has been around since 1919, when a Spanish flu epidemic solidified its place in American medicine cabinets, but only in relatively recent history have consumers begun using it on their feet instead of its intended application on the chest and neck. There’s no actual scientific evidence that slathering the cough suppressant on your soles (followed by socks, of course) can stop your hacking, but there is plenty of anecdotal proof.

  • So, I started by applying a generous quantity of Vicks on my beloved patient’s soles and put a pair of cotton socks on. I’m telling you, even the worst cough can be stopped within 10-15 minutes and lasts for hours. My husband and kids stopped coughing in 10 minutes or so, and we all enjoyed a good night sleep.
  • It is proven that this remedy works better than most prescription drugs.
  • Quick Trick: if you purchase eucalyptus from the herb grocery store and apply it on the soles will have exactly the same effects!

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