This Vinegar-Sock Remedy Will Reduce Fever In Children Quickly

Do you or your loved one have a fever? Yeah, they may feel down, but don’t worry about it! Fever is just a temporary rise of body temperature, often due to an illness such as cold or flu. When fever strikes in, it means that something out of the ordinary is going on in your body.

My little daughter had a fever and she looked downright pathetic. She was so pale and pitiful that it breaks your heart. But, instead of breaking me or my daughter’s heart, I had to break down the fever first. I don’t panic when my kiddo has the fever as a result of flu, neither run to the E.R. as I heard other moms talking. However, I can’t leave her struggle with flu symptoms. As a matter of fact, I run in the kitchen to prepare the best and most effective remedy I know since I was a kid to lower fever quickly.

First of all, I use wet towels for:

When I was a kid, I remember my mom grabbing a wet washcloth and placing it on my forehead. This always did the trick for me and helped to reduce fever. So, place wet towels with room temperature water on the forehead, nape, armpits, and groin of the child. The touch of a wet towel is comfortable for most children during a fever.

The second trick I use to break down fever is Vinegar…

Alongside with wet towels, I remember the smell of vinegar when I had the flu. So, in order to reduce your child’s fever, just use the following remedy:

  • mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar and put it in a small pot on medium heat. Leave the vinegar mixture to warm a bit (not hot) and take a pair of cotton socks and soak them into the mixture. Wring them well and put the socks on your kiddo’s feet. Leave the socks on until they start drying and repeat the process trice.

  • as a matter of fact you can soak small cotton cloths in the remaining vinegar and apply them on your kid’s forehead, nape, armpits and groin area, instead of wet towels.

Important! The vinegar mixture should always be warm when applied.

This remedy does wonders each time I use it! My family lowers fever for decades with vinegar and until the next day your kid will be feeling great again.

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