This Walnut Mix Will Easily Improve Your Eyesight Without Eye Surgery

If you have eyesight problems and you wear glasses, you should know that, beside acupuncture, you can treat, or just say improve your eyesight with some natural remedies. One in particular caught my eye, literally, due to its ingredients (I’m a walnut fan!), and I said worth trying it.

I have serious eye problems and after I tried acupuncture, which has been a great help for me, I followed the next remedy for 6 months, and I surprised the ophthalmologist. He said to me: continue doing what you are doing because this is actually a real miracle. It worked for me, so, maybe you’re in the same situation and can the following remedy may be a real help for you, too.

You need:

  • 500 grams of crushed walnuts
  • 300 grams of honey
  • the juice of 3-4 lemons

How to prepare:

Add all ingredients in a glass container and mix them well. After the mixture is homogenized it means is ready to be consumed.

How to administrate:

Consume 3 tablespoons a day for 30 consecutive days. I took this remedy for 6 months with a 2 week break between each month.

Take the first tablespoon in the morning before breakfast, and the second tablespoon with 30 minutes before lunch.

And take the last tablespoon in the evening with 30 minutes before dinner.

You will see improvements after 30 days of consumption. Small improvements, it’s true, but like any other natural remedy, it takes patience to obtain the desirable results.

Image Credits: Spynews

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