Top 3 Cheap & Effective Ways to get rid of Hives at Home

Hives are essentially an allergic reaction, caused when your body produces too much histamine, which is a type of a protein. These attacks can be categorized as short-term, chronic or long-term hives. One can easily guess that these categories are so named based upon how long the sufferer typically suffers from an outbreak.

Its size can be very tiny to several inches wide. Multiple hives can even appear to be connected to form very spacious bumps on the skin.

Hives can be also caused by insect bites, cold, stress, medications, food chemicals and many more.

As much as it would be a good idea to visit your doctor for treatment whenever you notice hives on your skin, there are a couple of home remedies that you can try first to get rid of those hives. And trust me – they work wonders!


Vinegar is a well-known healing agent known for its property to soothe itching and provide relief from irritation.


Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with one tablespoon of water and stir well
Use a cotton ball to dab the mixture on the affected area
It will relieve the itching
Another way is to boil one-fourth cup brown sugar and a tablespoon of fresh ginger with around three fourth cup of vinegar. This mixture is to be mixed with some warm water and applied several times during the day to soothe the rashes and itching.

Baking Soda

Surprised? Yes, baking soda is effective in treating the itchiness caused by hives. Therefore, you can apply it and see the effects for yourself.


– Make a paste using one tablespoon of baking soda and the necessary amount of water
– Apply one or two drops first on the itchy area and then pour more of it
– Rub it smoothly on the area and spread it using your finger
– Wash off with cool water
– Use as many times as desired


Ginger is a well known anti inflammatory and antihistamine drug that is ideal for treating skin conditions at home. It is capable of getting rid of hives by reducing skin swelling and improving blood circulation on the skin.

You will need:

– a fresh ginger root


Start by peeling off the skin of the ginger root. Finish by dabbing the peeled ginger on the affected area of your skin. You should repeat this routine three times a day to improve your condition. An alternative to this remedy is drinking ginger tea or chewing fresh ginger to improve your skin.

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