Top 5 Super Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff

If you’re tired of buying different anti-dandruff shampoos, which are expensive and dry your hair without getting rid of the problem, you need to know that there are natural remedies that you can prepare at home to get you rid of this problem.

Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, is of great help if you have problems with dandruff. Just dissolve 3 aspirin tablets in 4 tablespoons of your regular shampoo and leave the solution to act for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. Wash your hair again with your regular shampoo. Your hair will become bright and no trace of dandruff.

Tea tree oil is very good in the fight with dandruff. If you don’t want to buy a shampoo containing tea tree oil, you can add some drops of essential tea tree oil to any shampoo you can find at any market. Even a 5% tea tree oil concentration will do wonders for your hair and is a very good remedy for dandruff.

You haven’t even thought that your mouthwash can be an effective remedy to get rid of dandruff. Well, herbalists say that mouthwash is also effective in fighting with dandruff. You need to wash your head with your usual shampoo then rinse your hair with mouthwash that contains alcohol. Finally, apply a hair balm. Mouthwash has antibacterial properties and prevents the development of fungi that lead to the appearance of dandruff.

And garlic is very good, because it destroys bacteria that cause dandruff. To avoid the intense smell of garlic, chop 1 garlic head and mix the paste with 2 teaspoons of honey. Massage your scalp with this mixture and let it act for 10 minutes. Then wash your hair as usual.

Poppy seed oil is another effective remedy to get rid of dandruff. Prepare a mask where you added a cup of poppy seed oil with 5 essential rosemary oil, 5 drops of essential eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of essential mint oil. Let the mixture stand for 10-20 minutes before applying it on your scalp. Apply it by massaging gently and cover your head with a shower cap. Let it act for an hour. Wait 10-20 minutes before applying the mixture on the scalp. Gently massage the skin of your head with poppy oil, put a shower cap on your head and wait for an hour to take effect. Wash your hair like usual with your regular shampoo.

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